Treatments for clothing fabrics

We develop specific chemical products for clothing fabric treatment, especially for the fashion, sportswear, technical apparel and workwear industry.


The clothing sector has always played a vital role in the textile industry. Within this scope manufacturers of chemical products have striven to provide a wide range of finishing products to enhance textile substrates. Over the years fashion and sportswear industry demands have led us to seek innovative, highly-performing state-of-the-art treatments while focusing on eco-friendly solutions to meet environmental and human health requirements..

The importance of fabric treatment for the clothing industry

Within this scope, we constantly seek new ECO-FRIENDLY solutions, where style and high performance go hand in hand to meet the most diverse and demanding customer requirements.

Clothing fabric treatment processes are more and more essential as processing provides products with greater style and improved appearance (through colour, softness, special feels) as well as practicality features such as higher tearing or washing resistance.

This is why the clothing textile industry needs to partner up with skilled and reliable chemical companies that can supply spot-on products for the pretreatment and finishing of any kinds of fabric for all intended uses, whether sports, fashion or special workwear requirements.

Specific fashion and clothing textile finishing

Clothing fabrics mush have specific features depending on their intended use.

For example, in the fashion industry suitable fabric treatment will let the garment have a softer or shinier finish. Sportswear fabrics may go through special treatments aiming at improving fabric strength or making it stretchy, waterproof or anti-bacterial.

Below please find the main types of clothing fabric treatment products:

  • Softeners
  • Amino-functional silicones which provide fabric with such properties as stretchiness and improved breathability
  • Water-based polyurethane resins to improve the strength, fastness and stretchiness of base fabric
  • Specialty products which give the treated fabric water and oil repellent properties, and include short and fluorine-free water repellent products.
  • Besides the above products, Soft Chemicals also develops specific products for thermal regulation (PCM technology), perspiration (Moisture Management) and anti-bacterial finishing..

Chemical products for clothing fabrics

Find out more on Soft Chemicals chemical products for the treatment of clothing fabric for the fashion, sportswear and workwear industry.

Soft Chemicals offers a full range of amino functional silicones (SOFTHYDRO and SOFTELAST), specially designed compounds to meet specific requirements (SOFTENER), polyurethane resin (SOFTPUR) and, of course, conventional softeners to suit the most diverse intended uses.
Besides these product categories we also develop formulations which can provide special fabric features, such as thermal regulation (PCM technology), perspiration (Moisture Management) and anti-bacterial treatment.

Our product applications can brilliantly meet all the most demanding customer requirements while complying with ecological standards and the major specialty certifications, such as ZDHC, INDITEX (CTW), OEKO TEX STANDARD 100, KERING and, partially, blusing® and GOTS.

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