Indoor blackout curtains

We develop specific chemical products for treating fabric for indoor blackout curtains, ideal for bedrooms and projector rooms.


Soft Chemicals supplies a full range of textile resin and special additive compounds for the finishing treatment of blackout curtains featuring flame retardant properties, good tear and washing resistance. The products can then ensure full blackout properties while providing the suitable fabric appearance to meet any specific customer requirements.

Features of blackout curtain fabrics

In order to ensure a full light-blocking effect the fabric used for manufacturing blackout curtains must be treated with specific textile auxiliaries which provide total blackout capabilities.

Hence, the blackout curtain fabric treatment process plays a key role in the manufacturing of these products as this treatment provides the fabric with total blackout capabilities, among other features.

This is why blackout curtain Manufacturers need to partner up with reliable and skilled chemical companies that can supply spot-on products for fabric pretreatment and finishing in order to provide the fabric with key features for its special intended use.

Specific treatments for blackout curtains

Blackout curtain fabrics must have special features, such as adequate light blocking properties (whether full or partial blackout), good resistance to washing and flame retardant properties.

Below please find our main product types for blackout curtain fabric treatment:

  • Acrylic polymers and polyurethane resins to ensure high fabric performance;
  • flame retardant products to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.

Chemical products for blackout curtains

Find out more on the most suitable chemical products for blackout curtain fabric treatment.

Relying on our technical support, the application of SOFTFIN textile resins or flame retardant SOFLAM products will ensure full or partial blackout on a wide range of fabrics. Thus the treated curtains will ideal for use in home bedrooms as well as multimedia projector rooms where full light blocking is required.

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